Lawrence Kohlberg And Charlotte Albrecht Kohlberg Essay

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Lawrence Kohlberg was born in Bronxville, New York in October 25, 1927 and passed away in January 19, 1987. On January 17, 1987 Lawrence Kohlberg went to missing and his body was found three months later, discovered in Boston Harbor in Massachusetts. Kohlberg commit suicide by walking into the freezing Boston Harbor and drowning.
Lawrence came from a wealthy family and he was the youngest child out of 4 children. Lawrence parents are Alfred Kohlberg and Charlotte Albrecht Kohlberg. The couple divorced in 1932 after 11 years of marriage. The children were spilt up between the parents, the two younger children went with their father and the older ones went with their mother. At this time Lawrence was only five years old.
After completing high school Lawrence enrolled into United States marines and became a sailor towards the end of World War II. During his time period in the service, Lawrence spend some time in imprisonment for smuggling in Jews from Europe to Palestine. He was released and returned back to the United States of America in 1948, which from there he enrolled in college.
Lawrence attend the University of Chicago where he received his bachelor’s degree and his Ph.D. in psychology. During this time period Kohlberg became interested in Jean Piaget’s work based on the moral development of children. Kohlberg felt the need to research further into Jean Piaget’s theory by conducting his own research. Lawrence Kohlberg interview 72 white males ages 10-16 in the…

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