Essay On Latin America Syllabus

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Latin America makes up some of the largest territories and populations around the world. Since it is composed of countries in which the Spanish, French, and Portuguese ruled during the Old World. In the New World, Latin America consists of countries such as the Caribbean, North, and South America. According to the professor 's syllabus course entitled “Introduction to Latin America in a World Context”, the students will learn about “The history, cultural make up, current events, and debates regarding [...] its global significance.” The syllabus is important to read since it 's a basic guide as to how the class will work. The basic syllabus consists of key factors such as a course title, department and class schedule, professors and teaching …show more content…
The assignment description in the syllabus is a tad short and vague. The syllabus just states that “Students will track contemporary issues in Latin America from newspapers, TV, and the internet, and they will create a scrapbook by writing descriptions from the news (3 items a week).” The syllabus just shows the overall goal of the assignment but not a well detailed explanation. By reading this description, the student just knows that they should do three news items however, they do not know what the specific requirements are. To be a better explanation, the syllabus needs to include basic information about the assignment like purpose or goal, the length of the assignment, the format, and how it should be turned in. A class that does an outstanding job of describing an assignment is the English class syllabus. This syllabus includes a full page detailed explanation of each of the assignments that one will complete in the semester. The description clearly demonstrates the assignments due date, the goal of the assignment, assignment background, assignment itself, learning objectives, and paper

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