Latex Allergy Are Non Life Threatening Essay

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Latex Allergy is a rare allergic reaction that affects a miniscule population of the United States. A latex allergy is usually a response by the immune system to either a protein in latex, or the latex itself. There are three types of latex allergies – two of which are non-life-threatening, and one that is.

Definition and Facts

Natural latex, usually referred to as rubber latex, is a tree-derived, natural rubber substance from the hevea brasiliensis from the Eurphorbiaceae family. Natural latex differs from synthetic latex, as artificial latex does not exhibit the reaction that natural latex does; however, both are referred to synonymously as "latex."

Incidents of latex allergies span up to two-percent of the United States population. This means that there are approximately 1.5 to 6.3 million people diagnosed with having a latex allergy. Latex allergies are more prominent in healthcare workers, totaling from 5% to 10%. (Percentages increase due to constant exposure to latex in gloves as well as the freeing of latex powder from gloves after removal. This exposes the healthcare worker through two routes of exposure, aerial and contact exposure.) Children born with spina bifida exhibit a much higher rate of latex allergies (between 20% - 67%). However, the rates of latex allergies have become increasingly lowered as synthetic rubbers take place of the original latex rubber.

Symptoms and Complaints

There are three types of latex allergies: type I, type IV, and…

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