Observation In School

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The bell sounded throughout the classroom and building. All around me, kids hurridly packed up their backpacks and scurried out the door. Everyone wanted to get out of this dull school as fast as they possibly could. I took my time. The white classrooms and halls of school existed as my only relief place; it was the only place I could relax. At home, real stress weighed down on me.
“You’re really in a hurry.”
I glanced up from my assignment book to see my Algebra teacher, Mrs. Read, smiling at me.
“I don’t have anywhere better to be.” I replied. I gathered my stuff up and walked toward the door. “See you tomorrow.”
“Becky, if you need to talk about anything, I’m always here.”
“Thanks, Mrs. Read” I mumbled back while skedaddling into the
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I was left to finish the rest of my chores. The the hands on the clock already positioned themselves at seven o’clock, giving me two hours to do the dishes and finish my homework before lights out. I was early! Lucy had been a big help today. Soon enough, the dishes were put back into the cabinet, and the laundry in their correct baskets. We headed back to my little room in the basement.
The cramped room turned out to be a little tight with an added dog. Lucy made herself at home on the only colorful item in the space, a lime green rug that had been on sale at a yard sale. My eyes spotted out the color and I knew that was the one thing I had to purchase. I reached down and petted Lucy, silently thanking her for all the help. “Wait,” I thought, “I can pet Lucy! I can touch her, so she’s real!”
My hand recoiled immediatly, and I jumped against the wall. Lucy looked up in
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After a while she continued, “Becky, there is still that algebra assignment to finish. Let’s work on that and then go to bed.”
“Alright,” I agreed. The numbers distracted me from the other thoughts swirling around in my brain. As soon as my math paper was complete, I laid it down and closed my eyes.

The next morning I awoke to Lucy eagerly awaiting my eyes to open. I got dressed in my usual (and only) clothes, some sweats and a t-shirt. Then we headed upstairs for breakfast. Quickly scarfing down a bowl of cereal, then doing the morning dishes, I almost missed Mom leaving for work. She just opened the garage door when I shouted, “Bye, Mom! Have a good day.”
Mom, obviously flabbergasted, replied back, “You too, honey.” I think that was the nicest thing she ever said to me.
Lucy accompanied me to the edge of the driveway, then said she would see me back here once school got out. I didn’t question it, and went on my way.
Throughout the day, I though that everyone would notice I seemed much happier; I was right. Mrs. Read stopped me at the end of the day again.
“You look happy today, Becky!” She said.
“Yes, I had a good start to the day,” I

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