Christmas Break Narrative

“Camryn,” said my mom “time to get up!”
It was two days before Christmas break and I was really excited to get to school because I heard that our class was getting a new student. All I wanted was to make seventh grade a blast for her.
I hop out of bed and get ready. Then I make my way downstairs to the smell of freshly baked cinnamon rolls. I finish my first golden brown cinnamon roll that had just melted away in my mouth from the frosting and went in for seconds. I look at the time and it’s already 7:45! I had to forget about the second cinnamon roll and start walking to school. “Have a good day, honey! Love you!” My mom said as I grabbed my heavy backpack and head out the door.
“I will! Love you too.” I said back to her as I quickly grabbed
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I said goodbye to Brianna and made my way back home.
On my walk home I could not stop thinking about Brianna’s response to my question. Christmas is the best time of the year and I don’t know how someone could not enjoy it. I decided to ask my mom about it when I got home.
“Hey mom,” I said, “we got this new girl at our school named Brianna. She’s really nice and I think we have a lot in common. But when I asked if she was excited for Christmas she didn’t really say much.”
“Well honey, some people don’t necessarily get all that much during Christmas time. Especially when they just moved, it could be hard for the parents to afford a lot of gifts for their children.”
I felt bad for Brianna and I wanted to help her have the best Christmas ever. I thought about some things I could do for her to make her happy. Then I got it! I could give her one of my presents that I get for Christmas. I figured I should probably ask my mom if that would be okay.
“Mom, I got an idea to help Brianna have the best Christmas ever!” I said as I ran down the stairs.
“What is it?” She said while cooking supper.
“I could give her one of the Christmas presents that I get for
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I did my daily routine of homework, some TV, and then to bed I went. The next day was Christmas Eve and that night we went to church for the candle light service. Turns out, Brianna’s family decided to come to our church! It was really exciting to see her there so our parents could talk over our sleepover we were having the day after Christmas.
“I am so excited to come to your house! We should make some Christmas goodies.” Said Brianna.
“That’s a great idea. I’ll tell my mom to put some snacks on her grocery list so we can make some things.”
After the service, I wished Brianna a Merry Christmas and then left. When we got home my family and I watched a movie before going to bed.
The next morning it was Christmas and my mom woke me up to the smell of buttery, cinnamon monkey bread. There were 5 wrapped presents all spread under the tall, green Christmas tree. I got five different gifts. I got a Nike sweatshirt from Scheels, a new pair of tennis shoes, some skinny jeans, and some new socks. My fifth gift was the one I knew I wanted to give to Brianna. It was the brand new American Girl Doll. Her hair was long and blonde, just like Brianna’s. “I think I want to give this gift to Brianna.” I said as I looked up from the boxed doll. “Are you sure you want it to be that one?” My mom asked

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