Las Orquideas (Orchid My Future, And Community's Future

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Throughout my childhood, I lived in a small town called Las Orquideas (Orchids) in Ecuador. It was a small town that everybody knew me, and I knew everyone. Las Orquideas was a beautiful place to live. Unfortunately, the town did not have all the basic needs to have a good life. For example, there was not potable water, the only school was a two miles away from the town, and there was not a hospital. These difficulties made life hard for everyone in the town. Despite of these, people were kind and friendly with everyone. As I was growing up, I could realize that I need to do something to change my future, my family’s future, and community’s future. Facing these hard living conditions in my town, my dreams and aspirations were shaped, I wanted to be someone with a better future. …show more content…
My family did not have the money or experience to do it because they did not have the opportunity to attend to school. The only thing that they knew was to work in farming nothing else. Therefore, they could not guide me in the right direction in what I want to do with my life. That was the moment when I asked my professor Urbina in the elementary school what I can do to help my family and my community. I vividly remember what she told me. Her words were “the only way to become success in life and help those who you love is education.” These words were my motivation. Since that, my priority dream was to become a professional. I did not know at that moment what kind of profession I want to focus, but my desire to study was

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