Language Is A Form Of Communication Essay

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‘Language gives shape and organisation to thought’ (Winch, Ross- Johnston, March, Ljungdahl & Holliday, 2010. Pg 467). There are several fascinating aspects of language, it is a form of communication, which interprets information and passes messages from one person to another. For each individual language is different this can be influenced by cultural backgrounds and beliefs, different communities and also the individuals’ capabilities. Language is not just speaking to a person verbally, it can be in the form of writing, reading, listening and even body language. Language is changing all the time due to technology, for example mobile telephones and computers and the effect they have on our communication skills. The positive side of the language required with new technology, is that it is constantly evolving, challenging our minds extending our reading and writing skills with the added bonus of saving a lot of time having lengthy conversations. However, the negative is less use for oral language limiting the need for our skills of formal face to face, listening and the body language communication as was first intended.
The language used mostly in Australian society is called Standard Australian English (SAE), however there are approximately 22 million people in Australia who speak another language in their home environment (Fellowes and Oakley, 2010). People from different parts of the world may use different dialects and accents of English for example…

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