Language Dynamics: Language Development And Learning Dynamics

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Language Development and Learning Dynamics During the master’s program in Kansas State University, I realized that most of Ecuadorian teachers have an erroneous concept of Second Language Acquisition (SLA). (Relevance to academic paper?) Traditionalist teachers in Ecuador have worked very hard trying to make the student understand grammatical rules, usefulness methods and strategies to teach a second language – in Ecuadorian case English. However, according to Krashen (1982), language acquisition is a process that does not demand learning grammatical rules or memorization. Krashen proposed five significant theories regarding the process of SLA: The Acquisition-Learning Hypothesis, Natural-Order Hypothesis, the Input Hypothesis, the Monitor …show more content…
Since I have learned that learning a new language is a gradual process where students build their learning based on their prior knowledge, I believe that allowing them make connection between their mother language and the second language will facilitate this process. I will implement this strategy using cognates as possible, visual aids and group work. I think that while the students identify new information and connect it with what they already know, visual, pictures and drawings will become a relevant complement in the development of this …show more content…
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