Language As A Basis For Bilingual And Multilingual Education Essay

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Most of the empirical research confirms that most children learn best in their first language as a basis for bilingual and multilingual education. Studies indicate that six to eight years of education is necessary for the development of literacy and verbal proficiency required for secondary school academic achievement. Empirical evidence suggests that the ability of a child to learn a second language does not suffer if the primary language used for instruction in the entire primary school is the first language. The fluency in mother tongue lays a special foundation for the learning of other languages. If mother tongue is used to instruct a child in the primary schools and then he or she gradually adopts learning using the second language, their rate of learning the second language increases (Benson, 2005). This transition should be gradual rather than forceful if a child is to keep grasp of the first language since forcing a child to abruptly switch to the second language may lead to the loss of the first language. As such, it is important to ensure that the process of linguistic learning is gradual to facilitate proper learning among children (Little et al., 2010).
Researchers have also determined that programs which prepare teachers who are responsive to cultural diversity are focused on the development of teachers with a deeper understanding of the roles played by language. These programs are imperative in enabling teachers to develop an understanding of the…

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