Language And Advertising : Soda Products Essay

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Language and Advertising

There are a million companies all over the world trying to come up with advertisements to help sell their products. Using language in advertising is way of using a type of communication for marketing and is helping to encourage an audience to continue or take action in buying the product or service. Advertisements are needed to make bigger markets and mass production for the audience to have a reason to buy the product. In our society today everywhere you look you will see advertising. Nothing is free in this world so companies have to come up with ideas to be heard or discovered that will help sell their product which leads to advertising. Ads are all around us, they pop up everywhere, the highway, television, computers, cellphones, and even schools because people need methods to make a successful sell. Making a profit are what people are trying to achieve by advertising.
The advertisements that I chose to talk about in language is soda products. The reason I chose this topic is because there are many commercials and advertisements that persuade people to buy soda. Another reason why I chose this topic is because there are many different kinds of soda products out there in the world. There are Mountain Dew, Root Beer, Pepsi, Coca-Cola, and Mist Twist.
Soda advertisements have clear information about their own product, meaning its characteristics and features. Logos in advertising is also important to quickly give the audience a visual of that…

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