Lake County Health Department And Community Health Essay

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I found this weeks project interesting. I chose to view the Lake County Health Department and Community Health (LCHD) website from two prospectives, one as resident of Lake County and a health care educator. The latest Lake County data reveal there are over 700,000 residents with 52% of the population being between the ages of 25-65 (, 2010). Approximately 82% of the population is White, 7% African American, 7% Asian and 20% Latino (any race), ( 2014). The Lake County population for educational attainment stands at 88.6% for high school graduation. This population has an English illiteracy rate of 27% and an overall poverty rate of 5.8% for families and 27% for singe householder with children (, 2011). Overall 5.9% or 14,095 people in Lake County had received food stamp/SNAP benefits in the past 6 months (, 2011). As a well-educated, health literate resident of Lake County I found the website concise and clear. It is evident LCHD mission is to support the physical and emotional needs of its’ citizens by insuring quality, accessible health services and to prevent disease, disability and ensure a safe environment (, n.d.). The LCHD stresses that it only promotes services but does not guarantee or provide them but aims to support eligible county residents with health care. The tabs across the top allowing one to click on Health, Community, Environment or Data &…

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