Essay Lack Of Understanding Intercultural Communication

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It is difficult to comprehend a society or culture when one has little to no knowledge of it. A lack of understanding intercultural communication can mean that an individual can have a narrow-minded perception of the world. It can cause messages to be inaccurately portrayed and lead to various forms of stereotyping. It can lead to the identification of groups or individuals as something they may not necessarily be. Stereotyping today continues to be alive and active.
The film depicts strong notions of power and miscommunication among various groups. It emphasizes how important it is to have an understanding of intercultural communication because much of what happened could have been avoided. Without the understanding of intercultural communication, there were consequences. These consequences led to terrible acts like the ones represented in the film.
The individuals highlighted throughout the film lacked any knowledge of intercultural communication. The lack of knowledge they held led to torturous forms of abuse, severe beatings, and even mass consequences for the United States. These individuals allowed the United States to be portrayed as a country that overlooked the participation of inhumane acts.
The military personnel originated from a country that is known for its control, power, and immense pride. They took advantage of this representation in some cases, subconsciously. The country is also represented on its diverse group of inhabitants, its values, and as a place…

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