Lack Of Motivation And Unhealthy Food Choices Essay

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Having a heathy life style is something a person always wants to do but never really does most of the time. This could be due for many different reasons, but the most common reasons is lack of motivation and unhealthy food choices. As for myself, I can sadly say I lack in both categories. But, that does not mean that I have given up hope to living a heathy lifestyle. Since, technology is highly impacted on peoples life, fitness trackers seem the way to go for a heathy lifestyle. Fitness trackers, are great for a heathy life style as they help motivate a person to be more active, help track the amount of food someone eats, and they are flat out fun! Motivation is key when trying to live a heathy lifestyle. Without self motivation nothing will get accomplished. With the help of fitness trackers, motivation is something that it does really well. It does this by setting goals for a person to reach everyday. Most of these goals are measured in the amount of steps a person takes. For example, Fitbit does a great job of this with there fitness trackers. With a Fitbit, the band itself vibrates and sends a notification to a person’s phone letting them know they have reached their goal. This is great because it gives a person some self accomplishment when the goal is complete. So, with pre set goals as simple as taking a certain amount of steps in a day, really does help motivate people to be more active. Also, another great way fitness trackers help motivate people is by seeing the…

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