Lack Of Habitable Housing And Health

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Lack of affordable and quality housing is an important contributing factor of health issues and a major public health concern. A study on housing and health has shown that poor housing conditions are associated with several health conditions such as asthma, lead poisoning, and mental health (Krieger & Higgins, 2002). In the United States, 2 million people visit the emergency room for asthma, 1 million children have lead levels high enough to affect their intelligence, and behavior. Additionally, the lack of quality and affordable housing has caused mental distress over the fear of being homeless (Krieger & Higgins, 2002). The fear is valid as in Pinellas County alone, there were 11, 105 homeless people in a one-year period (Homeless leadership …show more content…
They build affordable, quality homes in neighborhoods that needs a little help. They realized the importance of decent, affordable housing and are aware of the problem in Pinellas. They know that with ownership it would help families regain their dignity, improve health, and physical safety Furthermore, it helps improve the community and generates taxes for Pinellas County (Habitat for Humanity of Pinellas, n.d.). The one problem with this program is the fact that they can only help the population that has a decent job with a decent income. This criteria do not allow for someone facing homelessness obtain a home.
HUD, and several local business partnered to provide mixed financing to 184 apartment homes. The property is income-based rents and smoke free living that allows pet. The apartment has central air conditioning with humidity control, a Community Center with a library, business center, computers, Internet access, and a fitness center. The facility also has a youth center with a basketball court (Patch,
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Pinellas County should consider a program that can assist with free education for the people making minimal wage due to lack of education and/or lack of English language. Another way Pinellas County can help alleviate the housing problem is by having a program that can house people with mental illness, & substance abuse disorders with supportive services to help them thrive. In addition, there should be a place anyone can go to free of charge to learn how to cope and address the problems of life before it becomes a

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