Lack Of Funding For World Language Programs Essay

1516 Words Jul 13th, 2016 null Page
“ Despite some positive developments, overall foreign language instruction has decreased over the last decade and the achievement gap has widened” (Pufah and Rhodes, 2011, p 258). The efforts shown to improve language instruction in schools districts in the United States couldn’t beat the lack of funding to world language programs. The funding decrease can be observed on the type of learning tools world language teachers use daily to instruct students. According to Wallis and Steptoe (2006), school students are using textbooks that are out of date the moment they are used in classrooms. Some schools do not have sufficient funds to buy new textbooks once a new edition appears on the market. Teachers and students have to use the textbooks for many years and most of the time the information printed in the books is nearly a decade behind the time. Moreover, the textbooks and the instruction curriculum of world language do not match. According to Valdez (2014) the curriculum to use and the text that accompany the instruction in Spanish classes cannot support the variety of words and expression spoken in all Spanish speaking countries. In most cases teachers aren’t even aware of the words and expression spoken in each Spanish speaking country, therefore the teaching process is becoming more complex and difficult to teach due to the diversity of the language. “Although efforts have been made by different authors to produce materials appropriate for both Puerto Rican and Mexican…

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