Lda Employee Retention

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The potential for employees to leave due to the lack of progress that can be made within LDA is a potential future problem. Considering employee growth and development helps to contribute to employee satisfaction and thus can contribute to company productivity and profit (Crook et. al, 2011). Lack thereof can therefore reflect negatively for the company and thus management need to be able to counteract this. It is suggested that employees are a level below senior management staff and reflects towards the lack of progression within the company may have contributed to the continual outflow of employees over the last 12 months from the company.


Bringing outside experience into an organisation can
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There may be some sort of favouritism or discrimination involved with the selection process of employees to fill the vacant positions available. Whilst utilising younger employees contributes to an increase in innovative ideas and knowledge that can add to the competitive advantage of the company, there still may be training involved in order to develop the skills to those that are required for the more senior positions rather than utilising older employees that are more experienced. Management need to consider the issue they hire new staff especially those who are younger and potentially less experienced (Lim, Rajah & Chong, …show more content…
Although the rearranging of the hierarchical structure and downsizing within small companies such as LDA is beneficial, it can result in negative aspects for the company. Due to the limited number of remaining employees, it consequently results in employees taking on wider roles and responsibilities and as a result, it leads to intensification of these work roles. The limited number of manager’s now present within a flatter structure, lead to greater individual accountability and thus contribute to a decrease in employee empowerment, increased fatigue and eventually employee burnout (Thomas & Dunkerly, 2002), which make the company an undesirable choice for future

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