Lack Of Consistent Method For Measuring Performance Essay

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Lack of Consistent Method for Measuring Performance
The GSC has no real method for measuring outcomes. The only outcomes that are currently measured are assorted figures for grant purposes and the number of individuals returned to housing, although it is unclear how the number of individuals returned to housing is measured. We find it problematic that the existing instances of performance measurement are completed for grant purposes. GSC is doing seemingly well on a surface level, but without clear and consistent measurements of performance and outcomes, it is difficult to determine if GSC is doing as well as it could be given its resources.

Lack of Updated Strategic Plan
The existing strategic plan was created solely for the 2014/2015 year. The plan lists goals and strategies for the upcoming year, but lacks a vision for upcoming years. There are a vast number of goals and strategies in the 2014/15 plan. It could be difficult to effectively implement all of them within the period of one year. GSC faces the challenge of becoming too short-term oriented, with the risk of failing to effectively plan and prepare for the future.

Vague Goals and Implementation of Strategy for SECU Lakeside Reserve
The majority of the goals for SECU Lakeside Reserve seem to focus on the construction of the program with little to no emphasis on the execution of the program. A few documents list potential staffing scenarios, but outside of that there is insufficient information pertaining to the…

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