Lab Report On Chemical Samples Essay

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The objective of this experiment was to group a variety of samples of matter into subcategories of different macromolecules, which were determined by the use of various tests, as well as designated negative and positive control samples.
Chemical samples may be experimentally identified as specific macromolecules through treatment with Benedict’s solution, the iodine test, or the Biuret test; each, when positive, identifying reducing sugars, starch or glycogen, and protein, respectively (Cardoso, M. B., Samios, D., da Silveira, N. P., Rodembusch, F. S., & Stefani, V., 2007; Kumar J, 2011). This laboratory used the aforementioned three tests to identify eleven samples of which the nature of the sample was given, alongside a final unknown sample’s chemical compositions.
Positive and negative controls are what stabilize the basis of this experiment. Through comparing all given substances’ results to a predetermined substance that will, under proper conditions, result in a positive test, and one that will result in a negative result for a test, one can ensure the accuracy of the experiment by lowering the possibility of false negative or positive results (Pelt-Verkuil, Belkum, & Hays, 2008). Both types of controls were used for all three tests.
Refer to BIOL 130L Cell Biology Laboratory, Laboratory Manual for Fall 2016, Section 1, Identification of Some Macromolecules, pages 20-24 (Department of Biology, 2016). The materials that were used in…

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