Kurt Cobain Influence

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You may heard of the band Nirvana or heard a song from the group that you probably never knew who it was if you weren 't much of an alternative rock and punk rock fan. But the man behind this is the one and only Kurt Cobain. Most people know him as “ The rock star who was a drug addict who committed suicide” But there 's more to his fascinating life, he is considered to be one of the best rock artists to ever step foot on earth. This is the life of one of the most iconic, prominent rock star to ever live.

Kurt Cobain had a rough early life. Kurt was born in Aberdeen, Washington to a mother who was a waitress at a local cafe and a father who was a automotive mechanic. “ He never wanted to see me and his father apart” (Wendy
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Kurt Cobain impact on the youth is spectacular, so many teenage kids have an anarchy mindset because of the influences he 's shared with his fan base. A legend who was impacted by Kurts craft is David Bowie. “ I was simply blown away when I found out that Kurt Cobain liked my work”. Reilly (How Kurt Cobain’s Friends, Family, and Fellow musicians reacted to his death). David Bowie is a prime example of what Kurt Cobain wanted people to be. Take chances and sticking up for what you think is cool. At last, Kurt Cobain fan base is just getting bigger over the years, the more people realize that his impact of the youth is alluring. I am the person I am today because of Kurt Cobain. He has impacted my life so much.” Wanting to be someone else is a waste of who you are.” (Kurt Cobain) i live by this mantra everyday because day In and day out I see people at school trying to be others. “ He would often do things that he felt would make conservatives uncomfortable, like wearing women 's clothing , kissing Krist novoselic , or sayings such as I 'm not gay, but i wish I were.” (Kurt Cobain was a feminist ahead of time) Inspiring me to be different , and live the lifestyle that he led on to his fans. I always have been into fitted clothes and tight jeans , but somewhat insecure because every time I would dress as such people …show more content…
You could see kurt face on numerous shirts and posters to this day, and his band 's music continues to be a major to today 's music. “Nirvana did for the 1990s and 2000s what the Beatles did in the era of the 1960s and through the 1970s and the beginning of the 1980s.” Karen (Tony sly rockers reflect on Cobain 's legacy) As Kurt 's lifetime began to recede into history the world of music tried to move on yet everything from no metal to garage rock to the 1980s revivalist vied for the spotlight, rock continued to look at Kurt for inspiration. Kurt outspoken advocacy of feminism, his sarcasm,and his uncertainty regarding celebrities. Its incredible the sound Kurt created and the wave he stated that people really enjoyed and appreciated. As long as people continue to listen to rock music , Kurt Cobain will never be forgotten.

Kurt Cobain 's death was a terrifying experience, just imagine committing suicide and blowing your head off with a Remington shotgun.It was such a tragedy for the industry and his beloved friends , family , and fan base. Kurt had been going through so many problems physically and mentally that in the end it was all too much. The drugs brought him down and made him unrecognizable to those he loved most. Kurt Cobain is one of the few creative people I consider an idol and to this day Cobain will always be an icon of what music is really

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