Essay Knowledge And The Natural Sciences

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Knowledge in the Natural Sciences is only gained either through active experimentation or through passive observation. In the Natural Sciences, in order to discover knowledge, Scientists must utilize the scientific method, which is the process with several several steps that assist scientists in learning more about the natural world and its phenomena. To acquire knowledge, a Scientist must passively observe phenomenon, using sense perception, the ability to use the senses as well as technology to observe natural occurrences. A scientist must passively observe the works of other Scientists, learning from their experiments and previous observations. Also, to acquire knowledge about any phenomenon, a scientist must conduct their own experiments and try new things. In the Natural Sciences knowledge is discovered mainly through sense perception and through inductive reasoning, which is used to draw conclusions after experimentation. In the Arts, the ability to produce and acquire knowledge depends on the artist and the audience. As opposed to the Natural Sciences, in the Arts knowledge is not only gained through passive observation or active experimentation. In addition, knowledge in the Arts is acquired through the artist’s imagination, the ability to think of new ideas and imagine. The knowledge acquired and produced by an Artist is based upon the artist’s personal experiences and what they observe in their world. It is also based upon what the artist would like to express…

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