Salvador Dali Strengths

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Every artist has special traits that make them loveable or hateable to some people. The artists that I chose are loveable in my eyes. Their art speaks truthfully and depicts art in unique ways that few understand. The artists I chose are not average artists. They seem to go above and beyond in their work, as well as show their strengths, weaknesses, joys, sorrows, dreams, and nightmares through their work.
The first artist I chose was Salvador Dali. I chose Salvador Dali because he was an artist that was regarded as strange. I like the fact that Salvador Dali was so odd and so different from what seemed to be considered normal in his time. Dali didn’t conform to what was thought to be socially acceptable, but instead made his own definition
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Dali was encouraged from a young age to pursue his interest art. He later went to study at an academy in Madrid. During the 1920s, Dali traveled to Paris, where he came into contact with artists like Pablo Picasso, Rene Magritte, and Joan Miro. Meeting these artists led to Dali’s first Surrealist phase. Dali’s most known painting is from 1931 called “The Persistence of Memory”, which depicted melted clocks in a background. Dali kept on painting until 1988, when he was hospitalized for a failing heart. On January 23, 1989 in his birth city, Salvador Dali died of heart failure. Dali left behind a legacy of surreal art that is appreciated to this …show more content…
When Kahlo was six years old, she caught polio, which left her right leg skinnier than the left one, hence why she wore long skirts. When she was a young girl she participated in sports, one of them being boxing. In 1922, Kahlo was registered in Preparatoria, one of Mexico's leading schools. During her time at the school, Kahlo was only one of thirty-five girls. Kahlo was involved in a bus accident when she was 18 years old. This tragic accident left her in full body cast as well as bedridden for 3 months. During this time she began to paint in order to pass the time, a significant amount of them being self portraits. Kahlo had a rocky marriage to the artist Diego Rivera. Their marriage was full of infidelity, which led to them divorcing and then remarrying. One year before Kahlo’s death, she was very sick and had to have her right leg was amputated. Kahlo died July 13, 1954 of a pulmonary embolism. She left behind wonderful art that did not gain fame until several years after her death.
The last artist I chose is Pablo Picasso. I chose Pablo Picasso because he is a well known artist. I also chose him because I like the colorfulness of his art. Each piece of his work has different elements of color, making it more intriguing. His artwork was very abstract and usually depicted human faces. I also think it’s interesting that Pablo Picasso (and Georges Braque) co-founded

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