Themes In Salvador Dali's Swans Reflecting Elephants

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Born in Figueres, Spain on May 11, 1904 Salvador Dali imagination was created. Salvador didn’t always want to become an artist, but had incredible ambitions . His imagination and creative differed from others, at the age of 21 at the School of Fine Arts he was asked to draw a virgin just as he saw it in front of him and drew a pair of scales.
In the “Swans Reflecting Elephants”, Salvador Dali portrays three dust grey swans. The first swan to the left sits with its head held high and his wings slightly open with a turquoise hue to the left wing. The second swan in the middle neck stands completely straight with his wing relaxed on his body. The final swan’s, to the right, neck curves while his head lays on its body with his wings closed.
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The pears are a dark green color seeming like they are old. The bowl forms a face at its stem. The surrounding objects create the eyes of the face. The left eye a clay bowl laying on its side and the right the head of a baby, which lays on the beach. Above the bowl lays a large golden brown and off white dog. His head faces straight ahead seeing nothing around him. The beach contains mean object such as a broken rope, a pale yellow cloth and small tools. To the left of the sand appears a dark alley. The ally screams darkness. A dark grey figure with hints of green resembling a devil stands completely naked with just a piece of cloth hanging from his shoulder. Behind him sits an oak box wrapped with chains. Around the box and the devil stand children and animals with their arms raised high in a begging motion. While the devil pays no attention to them and looks the other way. On the wall next to him hangs a creature pale from the life drained from his soul. To the right of the sand appears a women who seem threaten, a ball of fire rising from her hand while a ghostly figure stands next to her. In the horizon lays a peaceful ocean with lovely pale orange and blue. The beautiful scenery in the back shows that in any dark situation there is always good if you look for …show more content…
However instead of regular eyes and mouth, they are human heads as well. The head resembles a man frighten from what lies in front of him. His forehead is wrinkled and his checks sinking in from the horror. The heads in the eyes and mouth both gradually get older and older. The Man continues to become further horrified. The bridge of his nose covered by the shadow of the sun. Curly twigs wrapped around the head also add to how old the man looks. This painting tells a story on how war affects everything around it, including the human race and the environment. The dry soil on the desert reflects the decaying human head. Everything in the paint looks lifeless and there is no turning

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