Kmart Mission Statement

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Writing Assignment #1

1a. A company that I worked for was Kmart. From their website, it’s mission statement is “to grow our business by providing quality products and services at great value when and where our customers want them, and by building positive, lasting relationships with our customers.” There are 196,000 employees at Kmart. More information can be found on their website at

1b. My position at Kmart was a stock associate. Once arriving at work, I would locate one of my managers and asked what the duties were that day. The tasks varied based on how occupied the store was with customers. Although differing each day, I regularly moved products from one part of the store to another, straightened up isles and saw if customers needed assistance. The environment was relaxed. However, certain times during the day, the store would be more hectic. Weekends and during the holiday season were the busiest stretches.

2a. There was a main manager and three associate managers at Kmart. It varied with how many mangers would be there during the day. At times, all four could be in, or only one manager oversaw. The other workers were broken in divisions of labor. There were cashiers, stock associates, storage room workers and many other positions. Although there were different units of employees,
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The management style at Kmart could have been improved in several ways. For one, having several managers working at once made it confusing for the other workers. I was never sure what manager I should go to for questions. One possible suggesting is to specify what roles each manager had when more than one was working. One manager would deal with cashiers, and another manager would work with stock associates. Another change is having a liaison between management and the regular workers. If something goes wrong, people could refer to liaison. It was often difficult to get in contact with a manager. The communication would be clearer if this position was

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