King Henry Viii Was A Man Who He Essay

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King Henry VIII was a man who knew what he wanted in life. Henry wanted a world that revolved around him, no matter what the consequences were. Henry didn 't wait for life to pass him by. He went out to get done what he wanted. And he did. At just eighteen years of age, Henry became King of England after his brother Arthur had died in 1502. Henry was known for his marriages to six different women; two, he had executed; two, he divorced; and one, died a natural death. As his marriage with his first wife Catherine of Aragon failed to produce a male heir, Henry became frustrated with her inability to produce a future king. He decided he would divorce. His failure to be granted a divorce led Henry to set up the Church of England, which he would head. Henry did not take orders, and refused to subjugate himself to anyone. Any person that challenged Henry 's authority would most likely be put to death, as Sir Thomas More was for the refusal to accept the mandate that Henry was the head of the Church of England. Henry VIII was a memorable man, a memorable man who made history.
In 1509, King Henry VIII wed Catherine of Aragon, who gave birth to three daughters, including Mary Tudor, popularly known as Bloody Mary. The other two daughters died early in life. But Henry did not want a female. He wanted a male to assume his position after his death. After Catherine failed to produce a son for Henry, he decided that he would divorce her, and marry Anne Boleyn, whom he thought could…

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