`` Killings By Andre Dubus Essay

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There comes a time in everyone 's life where they have been wronged by another person. Whether it was someone stealing another your lunch out of the company fridge or finding out your lover has been carrying out an affair behind there back, it is human nature to want to seek revenge. However, taking the highroad and turning the other cheek is the moral thing to do. What if someone killed your only child would that change anything on the matter? In the short story titled “Killings”, author Andre Dubus reflects the desire to seek revenge by appealing to the readers ethics, emotions, and by creating tension throughout the story. The story “Killings” is about a young man who falls in love with a married women but gets murdered by her husband. After the justice system fails in keeping the young man 's murder behind bars, the victims father enacts his revenge by ending the murderer 's life. Analyzing the story shows just how the author successfully told a story of revenge and recreates that feeling. Andre Dubus reflects the desire to seek revenge by appealing to the reader 's ethics in “Killings”. From the start of the story Dubus get the reader thinking about ethics. The story begins at the grave side of the victim of murder. “On August morning when Matt Fowler buried his youngest son, Frank, who had lived for twenty-one years, eight months and four days, Matt 's older son, Steve turned to him as the family left the grave and walked between their friends and said: “I should…

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