Vengeance In The Oresteia

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In the Oresteia, the city of Argos is tragic due to the need for vengeance and the curse that runs in the house of Atreus. Agamemnon is a war hero who carries a curse in his family bloodline. The family carries this curse since they have a desire to gain power and punish through murder. The family of Argos only focuses on their own belief of what they view as just and act from that. They seek revenge and reasons to murder to gain justice and punish those who are guilty. Since they only consider their own justification of serving for justice, it creates a never-ending cycle of murder.
In Agamemnon, it tells us the story of Agamemnon’s fate and family’s history of murder. The curse started because of his father’s crime, which caused the punishment
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Clymnestra claims that it was just to kills Agamemnon. Since he must pay for his unjust decisions. The murder of Agamemnon in Clymnestra’s point of view is just because he destroyed the relationship he had with his daughter. She mourns her daughter’s death by murdering Agamemnon. This decision to murder only continues the curse and guilt the family carries. Both parents decisions to murder show that they reject the role they play in the family, Agamemnon as a father and Clymnestra as a wife. This proves that the city is tragic since there is a cycle of crime that only brings punishment and shame to the family. These crimes will continue because the family does not seek a way to follow a proper and fair system of …show more content…
The family need to avenge not always justified only leads to a never-ending cycle of crime. These decisions to murder only questions the nature of justice and vengeance. Agamemnon murders his daughter to gain victory over troy. Later in the story Agamemnon wife, seeks revenge against Agamemnon for murdering her daughter, Iphigenia. Later in the play the Orestes, murders his mother to avenge his father’s death. Throughout the storyline we witness a never-ending cycle of murder, which was the only option the family chooses to avenge a family members death. Shows the city does not have an organized system of justice and

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