Killing Us Softly By Jean Kilbourne Essay example

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In “Killing Us Softly,” Jean Kilbourne shows us her perspective of women in advertising. She starts out with the first advertising that caught her attention. This advertisements suggested that women belonged in the kitchen, and that women were air-headed. During this time period, around the seventies, women were thought to be good for only one thing. Women had no skills except for taking care of a family and a husband. Kilbourne goes on to demonstrating how women are portrayed in advertising. There is a double standard for men and women in our culture; while women are over sexualized and weak according to society, men are idolized for doing nothing. Woman in advertising are usually over sexualized, skinny, blonde, and tall. While not all models are blonde, a majority of people want a to see a blonde model. Advertising wants women to look irresistible, something that a normal woman could not obtain with any makeup. There is not only makeup for our faces, but for our bodies. We use makeup to contour our bodies to look smaller and our breast to look bigger. Not only do we need makeup, but we also need to be severely photoshopped beyond recognition. In one of the advertisements, it showed the original photo and then the photoshopped photo. After all of the changes, like bigger breasts or a smaller nose, the model looked nothing like the original. In addition to looking sexy, the models are treated like sexual objects. For a Gucci advertisement, a man is praising a woman for…

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