Orcinus Orca Characteristics

Though killer whales (Orcinus Orca), also called orcas, were considered whales by most people, they were actually members of the Delphinidae family. Killer whale were the largest member of the dolphin family. They were close related to bottlenose dolphins, pilot whale, and false killer whale. Dall’s porpoises sometimes mistaken as “baby” killer whale. Many culture named killer whale based on their position of food chain. The genus name Orcinus mean “of the kingdom of dead” in Roman. The Chinese name of killer whale was “Hu Jing”, which mean “tiger whales”. A reasonable guess was that as the ancient Chinese regarded tiger as the king of land animal, and both of tiger and killer whale were the top predator in their habitat, Chinese
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Killer whale grew to be about eight to ten meters long, and thirty-six hundred to fifty-four hundred kilogram. Usually, male killer whales were larger than the female. The pectoral flippers of killer whale had a rounded shape. They could be used to steer and stop. The size of pectoral flippers could reach two meters long and one meters wide in male. A female’s pectoral flippers were smaller. Killer whales’ dorsal fin were curved towards the back, and could reach to 1.8 meters in height. The location of dorsal fin was in the middle of the …show more content…
The blow size of killer whale was small and puffy. An interesting facts about the killer whale’s blow was that: killer whale expel air, carbon dioxide through the blowhole. The exhalation was released into the comparably lower-pressure, and cold atmosphere, and many water vapor condenses. Killer whales did not blow water through their blow hole. The voice of killer whale also became a useful measurement to identify killer whale. Killer whales had accent. Sometimes, scientist could identify which communities, pods, even the group of pods a killer whale belongs to. Killer whale could make more than sixty kinds of voice to communicate with other killer whales. Their voice could also be used to locate the fish, and make fishes act very

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