The Tragedy Of Seaworld's Killer Whales

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In 2010, one of SeaWorld’s trainers was killed by one of their trained killer whales. Dawn Brancheau was the trainer that was killed by the killer whale. This tragic event shocked the whole nation. There have been several descriptions on how the trainer was killed. Some say that the trainer “drowned” or that the whale “grabbed the trainer by the waist.” Despite the fact, this tragedy made the whole SeaWorld family emotional and stated “we’ve just lost a member of our family.” No one knows the real story. Most people would say that the killer whale acted this way due to captivity.
Whales are highly intelligent creatures that need to live in an environment to swim freely and to not be restricted in a tank. While they are in captivity, they have
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This incident caused some emotional damage to the whole nation, Dawn’s family and close ones, especially the SeaWorld family. Dan Brown, vice president and general manager of SeaWorld Orlando stated, “Please bear with us; we 've just lost a member of our family.” Brown likes to refer to all the workers of SeaWorld as a family; not just as co-workers. Losing a member in the family can cause emotional pain and grieving. Hearing someone being killed by a wild animal is traumatizing. This incident could frighten people into never coming to the aquarium to watch a whale show ever again. Brown was mostly focusing on the death of Dawn Brancheau than focusing how the killer whale is also hurting too, being stuck in the tanks. Brown’s statements were effective since this incident touched the hearts of people across the nation. Most people are more concerned with deaths of innocent people than with wild animals in captivity. Brown did not mention how the whales in captivity die at a young age. He should have said this because this is also a tragedy that needs attention; not to just focus on the death of that one trainer. Should the nation be concerned only with the death of the trainer or how captivity of the whales caused this

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