Killer Herroin Essay

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Killer Heroin

Drug consumption is one of the most discussed and analyzed topics in society, literature, and scientific works. Drug use and abuse has persistently puzzled researchers, scientists, and law makers. During the last twenty years scientists have continued performing experiments, researchers have continued to research drug abuse and use, and law makers have continued to create new laws in hopes of regulating drug use.
Drug specialists and scientists have developed an assortment of methodologies for fighting ever-increasing drug consumption and law enforcement have made many attempts at gaining control of the drug trade. In order to narrow down the extent of drug use and abuse, focus will be placed on one
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It was used during the Crimean war and the U.S. Civil war for wounded soldiers. 69 years later a British chemist developed heroin from morphine in an attempt to find a more effective painkiller that didn’t have the addictive properties of morphine. This drug started out as a new pain medication to help people that were abusing morphine but in fact became something even worse and more addicting. The creation of heroin produced a subculture of compulsive heroin users (MacKinnon, 2007).
History shows that heroin started as an attempt to relieve pain but instead the new drug became more addicting, dangerous, and in the end, illegal. It started out as pain medication given to soldiers for war injuries and given to other people as a regular pain reliever. Heroin also became an easily attainable source of recreation. As heroin evolved, so did the concern of government and state law enforcement officials. As the twentieth century turned, governments began to enact laws prohibiting the production and the non-medicinal use of opiates. The hope was to create laws that would help reduce and eventually stop the use and abuse of opiates like heroin (Sneader, 1998).
There have been two major heroin epidemics in the United States. The first one began in the late 1940s and early 1950s; the second took place between 1969 and 1977. It was hard to find pure heroin and it is believed that

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