Essay about Kids Behind Bars : A Young Person Arrives At A Youth Center

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Juvenile Justice has undergone countless ways to try and prevent adolescents from committing another crime after released so that they do not end up in a juvenile facility again. It has become a controversy across the world debating what the best solution to this would be. The article, Kids Behind Bars, introduced a new way to avoid this happening to the children committing crimes. The article explains how a small town in Chicago, Illinois thought of the idea that, “As soon as a young person arrives at a youth center, an aftercare specialist will begin to work with him or her, assessing any needs, like mental health issues. They may also have to develop a plan for their release (ASK ABOUT CITATION-No Author).” By following this practice, it will allow the mentor to also work with families. Unfortunately, many of the adolescent’s family history is being in jails or prisons. The mentor could not only help the adolescent, but the family as well. The article then demonstrated how expensive it is to have a youth incarcerated for twelve months. The average cost to hold a juvenile in Illinois Youth Center is $86,861 a year. Being a college student, this made tuition look cheap for once. The article also used Elias Roman as an example to explain why having a mentor is helpful. Elias, who was seventeen, had already been through the juvenile justice system twice in his life. He was first charged at age fifteen when the cops had picked him up in an alley and charged him with gun…

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