Key Features Of Athenian Democracy Essay

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Part A

According to source X what were the key features of Athenian democracy?

The Athenian society was built upon a community where everyone was very open minded and free spirited. This resulted in Athens being more artistic and was more into science,philosophy and were more historic than other cities during this time. Athens is till this day known for its monuments and statues. Athens was ruled by not only one person but what one can say ruled by a so called shared power.
Since Athens was very open and free spirited it meant that everyone had a say when it came to making decisions. Men over the age of eighteen who had a sufficient amount of money were allowed to vote whereas women,slaves and children were not allowed to have a say in
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The speech itself is very biased since one can only see the situation from Pericles perspective. Pericles is only mentioning the good parts of their society and democracy by brainwashing the people into thinking that what they have is as good as it can get. However, looking back at the picture of Pericles the person who took the picture remains anonymous one can see the audience reactions towards his speech and what he is saying and can there develop more understanding of how the society worked. On the other hand we do know who is responsible for making us be able to read the speech over and over again and read more about Ancient Greece and that person is Thucydides. Thucydides is the author of the book The history of the Peloponnesian war. This book contains a big part of Ancient greece history but also Pericles speech, although cameras and recorders did not exist during that time one can not be entirely sure if Thucydides have written the speech down word for word or if he himself has rewritten the speech. This can cause a weak link to appear for anyone studying the Ancient Greece society due to the conventional

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