Key Factor For Academic Success Essay

1114 Words Dec 8th, 2015 null Page
Part A: “Gathering Data Through all the Senses” is a huge key factor for academic success, this is something I have always struggled at doing. I would find the most simple way of doing something and not get a true full understanding of how it works and is done the right way, I just wanted to get the problem over with. The older I would get my attitude has changed on how I would get ready for a problem, I would try to understand every bit of information I could and as a result I would start doing better in my classes and any other problem I came across.
When “Striving for Accuracy” you have to a willing attitude to go the extra mile and take your time to make sure you have everything right. “Striving for Accuracy” is something I can still be lazy about, I tend to just look at all the required info to add and make sure it is in it and be done with it. When I do go above and beyond I do some of my best work and succeed. I am getting better at it and I feel more confident after every project I do because I am “Striving for Accuracy”.
In “Carol Dweck’s theory of growth vs fixed mindset” it talks summarizes that just because you don’t fully understand something now does not mean they can improve on it. This Relate to “Habits of Mind” because the article of habit of mind talks about key traits to be successful. Carol Dweck talks about how giving a child a grade like a F is ruining their efforts that they put towards it but if we change it to something like “Not-Yet” It helps…

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