Key Concepts That Fall Under Motivation Essay

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Motivation is an internal process that involves energizes, directs and sustains behaviour (Santrock, 2006). Each of these components is equally as important. Energize triggers, you and gets you going, direct is about the choices you make, what you do, and sustains is making sure the continuum of the task or activity is worked on over time (Duchesne & McMaugh, 2016). In the educational psychology there are many key concepts that fall under motivation. Some of them being Traits, states, affects and interest and more. Two of the most commonly talked about concepts are extrinsic and intrinsic motivation. Within the educational profession there are many opinions towards the topic of motivation. There are many view point of using extrinsic or intrinsic motivation in the classroom and debates on which is a better and more effective for students. Traits are firm and lasting characteristics that motivates us to act and behave in certain way. States is opposite traits; it is a type of motivation where it is short term. This type of short-term motivations is normally a feeling or a condition. They are not continuous but can reoccur, for example hunger and thirst would make us want to drink and eat. Affect is often referred to as emotional characteristic by Psychologists. Emotions includes both people’s judgment and response to the circumstance. These emotions can also contain cognitive thoughts and physiological states. For example, feeling butterflies in stomach. Anxiety is a state…

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