Key Challenges Of Hr Professions Essay

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There are so many key challenges that HR professions face today. Among those key challenges are creating a benefits package that will attract and retain talent employees. With the rise of benefits cost, HR professions are left to find the best solutions to recruiting and retaining talent employees without hurting the company’s bottom-line. This paper focuses on the rising cost of benefits and what HR is doing to gain control of over the expenses. By understanding what employees value the most, HR will be able to implement a strategy that meet’s top talent employee’s needs.
Benefit Cost: A Major Concern for HR Professions

With rising price of benefit cost, it’s now has become a major concern for organizations today. Though offering a better benefits package attracts and retains talent employees, balancing the affordability has been a key challenge in HR. HR professions are in a tussle with regards to creating a benefit package that will attract, retain and motivate employees while keeping the cost under control. The difficult part for HR is finding a win-win solution for both the employee and employer. Meaning, to create an effective strategy that will not only recruit and retain the top-talented candidates but will also give employers a better return on their investment. “According to a new survey from SHRM, employers are starting to get more strategic about benefits. While companies have always leveraged benefits to attract and keep employees, they are now…

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