Kevin 's Development From Infancy Essay

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¹I believe throughout Kevin’s development from infancy to adolescence it would seem Kevin has the characteristic of stability. Since infancy Kevin displayed the consistency of a temperament of a difficult child, he has a tendency showing aggressive when things did not go his way, he does not particularly show interest in anything, except in archery, which in his case seem to also encourage the violence behaviors. Kevin generally showed detachment with his family, he did not have a positive nor warm relationship with his mother, he did not bond nor has a positive attachment to his mother. Although, at the end of the movie, it would seem Kevin may have an unhealthy obsession of his mother.

When I re-watched the movie, I thought in some twisted way, Kevin may have be acting at his extremest to gain some sort of reaction from his mother, and it could be that he was incapable to showing affection, instead he had use aggressions, which seem to be the only behavior that has been consistent throughout his life. Kevin is not particularly close to his father either, Kevin’s father was more like a play date with him, instead of a parent figure, that may have helped to advice, care, disciplinary and demonstration of moral guidance. Kevin also does not appear to have a normal sibling relationship with his younger sister, in fact Kevin’s attitude towards his younger siblings was more of a tolerance and often hostile. In terms of plasticity, I do not think there was any…

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