Kellogg's Global Code Of Ethics Essay

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Kellogg’s demonstrate remarkable leadership across their global business units with superior ethical standards and sustainable business practices. Their CSR responsibilities are distinctly outlined in their Global Code of Ethics, a code that governs global partnerships, suppliers, relationships and business ethics. Moreover, the Board of Directors and senior leadership are accountable for mandating, owning and promoting the code.
Companies that operate across borders, be it in developed countries or emerging markets, have a responsibility to conduct business in an ethical manner. This responsibility and commitment to employees and shareholders, communities and the environment, customers and suppliers and regulatory bodies is supported by leadership and is as important as the core business itself. CSR is not a cost, it is an investment.
This report presents an evaluation on Kellogg’s CSR policies and reviews four themes of ethical responsibilities. The four areas are-
• Company ethics starts and ends with leadership
• Human rights in emerging markets
• Ethical marketing
• Youth obesity and the cardboard carton
To conclude, a summary of
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“One of a CEO’s most important jobs is to create, foster and communicate the culture of the organization” (Scudder 2011), and Kellogg’s have illustrated this in their 2016/2017 corporate responsibility report (Kellogg's Corporate Responsibility 2016). Moreover, they have demonstrated their commitment to social responsibility and ethical business practices being directly governed by their Board of Directors. Furthermore, the position of Senior Vice President of Global Corporate Affairs, reporting to the CEO, is supported by a Chief Sustainability Officer. This role has performance goals tied to a corporate responsibility metrics, or balanced scorecard for tracking and

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