Essay about Keeping Up With Nursing School

1038 Words May 22nd, 2016 null Page
There is no doubt that nursing school is a tough thing to conquer and ‘life’ doesn’t stop for it either. Fortunately, in my twenty-two years of life I have developed ways to keep myself level headed and less stressed out when things get a little tough. Being a strong type A personality, like myself, I have found that I like to maintain a certain level of stress in order to operate. In my head, I need multiple things to be thinking about and doing in order to succeed. This has made it difficult to find things to bring my stress level down, because I feel like I can never completely relax and let go of responsibilities. For some people, watching television may be a relaxing activity, but that is a stress inducer for someone like me, who cannot be bored to relax. In trying to keep up with nursing school, it is incredibly important to develop ways to take care of yourself, otherwise burning out is inevitable and succeeding will become harder and harder. The major stressor I have found with nursing school is trying to balance life, nursing school, a job, social life and a family. I have also developed ways to take care of myself through school and hopefully throughout my career. Sleeping more and exercising are ways that I can help myself stay level headed throughout these stressful couple years.
Sleeping More There is no doubt that sleeping more and better is the best way to keep stress levels down. As a nursing student who has a job, a social life, and a family, it…

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