Essay Keeping The Republic By Christine Barbour

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Political culture is defined in the book, Keeping the Republic by Christine Barbour as, “The broad pattern of ideas, beliefs, and values about citizens and government held by a population” (Keeping the Republic, Barbour, 2015). As Americans, we have a few main ideals and values that affect how we interact with our political system. Obviously, not everyone is going to agree or even share the same views, but most Americans believe that the three main ideals are; freedom, equality, and democracy.
Most Americans value freedom and we believe that we need it to make us happy. Freedom is defined by the book, Keeping the Republic as; “Freedom for the individual from restraint by the state” (Keeping the Republic, Barbour, 2015). Americans see freedom as procedural, meaning that there are no unfair limitations to how we are able to get what we want. We also want economic freedom. We want to make money and spend it any way we chose. However, there must be some regulation on our freedom or there will be chaos. One ideal that most Americans accept is that we all have the right to be free and do what we wish as long as it does not have an impact on anyone else’s freedom. Freedom gives us all the right to cooperate with our government. If we do not feel the government has our best interests in mind, we have the freedom to say so and to come up with solutions on how to fix it. If we did not have such freedom, the government could do what they wished and we would not be able to…

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