Keep Outsiders Out Of Our Society Essay

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Our society is afraid of what may happen to us if we continue down the road were taking. We are keeping to ourselves putting up a wall and keeping foreigners out. People are taking legal and illegal drugs like soma to help them relax more. People worship other things besides god like material things. Our society is falling apart.
Our society is starting to keep outsiders out of our country. Our country’s leader is putting up a wall to keep outsiders out. People judge others by color like ranking them by Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and Delta. People think people that are a different color that they do not belong in our society. They think that it is best that stay out of our society.
People are taking legal and illegal drugs to help them relax. It is like soma people take them to make them feel good. There are some people that will fight or kill people just to get some. People get depressed and take drugs like soma to help relax over their depression. People take drugs for relaxation.
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Our society worships god but others has given up on religion to worship non-living things. They have forgotten what they believe in and turn things for guides. They think that god does not exist they don’t know everything so they restored to being non-believers. People worship materials, then god.
Our society is halfway to becoming a Brave New World. Our society is keeping outsiders out of our country. People are doing drugs just for relaxation. People have begun to worship materials and have given up on God. Society needs a new leader that will change our society and prevent it from becoming Brave New

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