Kate Mccarter : A New Method Of Language Learning For Northwestern Students

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Kate McCarter is ecstatic as she describes the organization she and her brother, Jack, have launched. She apologizes for her passionate, rapid-fire speech, but her excitement is understandable; she and Jack worked hard to establish a new method of language learning for Northwestern students.

The club, Campus Language Connection, is the McCarter’s second foray into creating a language organization. This new group joins native speakers of a language with those who hope to learn that language. CLC aims to help students not only become competent in a foreign language, but to build a unique community of students that appreciate cultures in a way that cannot normal classes cannot teach.

Kate, the founder of CLC and a senior Linguistics major, and Jack, a SESP sophomore, found that the typical language-learning atmosphere had its flaws. The standard classroom environment couldn’t suit the needs of every student who wanted to become fluent in a language.

Sometimes a language class just didn’t fit into someone’s schedule, like Jack, who had studied Spanish abroad, but didn’t have an outlet to practice the language at Northwestern when he couldn’t find time for a Spanish class.

Of course, professors had office hours and there were some conversation groups, but not every student was comfortable practicing a new language in those situations. Professors could be intimidating and language tables felt “too unnatural,” according to Jack.

Only when Kate had studied abroad did she…

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