Karl Marx's Social Conflict Theory

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There are hundreds of group theories that explain why groups operate they way they do. One theory that I found interesting and very familiar to me was Karl Marx’s Social Conflict Theory.
Karl Marx was a very famous philosopher, revolutionary, and social scientist. Karl Marx was born on 1818 in Trier, Germany. Karl was the third of nine children living in a middle class home. He attended private school where he joined a radical group later becoming the president. While studying in London with his wife Jenny von Westphalen he started reading Georg Wilhelm Friedrich. Georg Wilhelm Friedrich influenced Karl to do a lot of his writings that he would become famous for today. During his years of writing scholars ignored Karl Marx and most of his
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Then his eldest daughter and wife dead causing him to be depressed and making his health worst. Once he importance started to shine through the clouds. After he died The Social Movement came about and his work will forever be remembered. His work started to get recognized and everyone started to see his genius through his work. His ideas helped the The Social Movement greatly. After that nearly half of the population on earth were calling themselves “Marxist” for believing in the ideas of Karl Marx. Karl Marx ideas were so brilliant that he created a new form of communism called “Marxism”. His new form created branches of communism like Stalinism, Marxist Sociology, and Maoism.
Karl Marx’s Social conflict theory was an idea of a two or more social classes, groups, or individuals have a conflict that creates an unequal balance until the dominant group gains control. Karl Marx believes conflict theory will always happen because of limited resources. Conflict theory says whoever has the most power will rule over those that don’t and will do anything to keep that power. Its not clear when Karl Marx created the theory, but he was the center of attention of the theory influencing other philosophers to speak on the
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One event that I experience was when I was talking to older white males. And they would refer to me as boy. I thought it was just because it was they were really old in age and called every male they saw boy. I didn’t really think anything of it till I was in New York city this summer for acting and I encountered a young white officer with my white friends and he called me boy. He had to be in his twenties and I look much older then I do especially when my facial. So for him to call me boy I felt different, but I don’t know why. I couldn’t shake the feeling that him calling me boy didn’t sit right with me. So I did research and I came to the conclusion that being called boy is a mental insult. Being a male you grow up to be a man. That’s almost every little boy dream to become a strong great man at whatever job they want. So calling a man a boy is telling him he is young and weak compared to the male saying the word boy. Telling the mind of black men that they will never be men and will always be boys. While the white males try to show how they have control over black males. A man will always beat a boy its physics. In my experience I was being weak while the white males calling me boy was dominating me not physical but mentally. Proving that Karl Marx conflict theory still exist as well as racism.
In conclusion Karl Marx’s conflict theory is the fight between two or more groups, class, or individual while

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