Karl Marx And The Doom Of Capitalism Essay

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In order to first understand the basis of capitalism and whether it is doomed or not one must first understand the basis of Karl Marx. Karl Marx was a German sociologist born in the 1800 's. Marx during his time studied the rise of capitalism that spread throughout western Europe years after the Industrial Revolution. During this period there were rapid economic and social changes occurring. With expansion of technology , transportation and communication, this allowed for commercial market goods to also expand. As a result of this change modern capitalism put the bourgeoisie in political and economic power. Many of Marx 's work was to expose capitalism for the danger it does to the economy but more importantly the danger it does to the working class or as Marx likes to call them“ wage laborers”. To better understand the doom of capitalism in contemporary society, let 's examine Marx 's intellectual concepts and relate them to modern capitalism. Starting off with Marx concept of alienation, alienation is the dehumanization of wage workers. There are four aspects of alienation , first workers are alienated from the product of their labor, second, they are alienated from the means of production, thirdly, their own being ,and lastly dehumanized from society. When workers are alienated we become less and less attached with ourselves”. For Marx, alienation is inherent in capitalism, because the process of production and the results of our labor confront us as a dominating power”(…

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