Essay about Kantian Ethics And Under Virtue Ethics

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In this situation two people are given the option to either go to Cancun with friends for some spring break fun or they could travel to Haiti to help repair the community from the recent hurricane. Person one has no doubt of what they what they want to do for their spring break, and chooses to go to Haiti to help, the other person, however, is reluctant in their decision. They both decide to go to Haiti, but both have very different reasoning for going to help. In this paper, it will be determined who acted more morally than the other under the lens of Kantian ethics and under virtue ethics. Under Kantian ethics the more ethical person would be the one who went even though they were reluctant, the reasoning behind this will be further discussed later in this paper. Under virtue ethics the person who would be viewed as acting more morally would be the one who went to Haiti without any hesitation. The reasoning behind this will also be further discussed in this paper. The way each group would view the two individuals will also be discussed. In my opinion the person acting more morally out of the two would be the one who went to help in Haiti reluctantly. Objectives could be raised against both views of the individuals’ decisions and that will also be discussed. In Kantian ethics, it is believed that a moral person is one who acts out of a sense of moral duty. According to Shaffer-Landau in his book The Fundamentals of Ethics, there are two question that Kantian ethics asks…

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