Kalief Briker Case Study

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Police accountability has been in question for many years regarding to treating the public fairly regardless who they are or where they come from. In recent encounters with the public, the police were not accountable for their actions. The trust between community and policing has been lost because of incidents that the police has not been punished for. Incidents like the Kalief Browder and Pedro Hernandez case, losing communication with the community, the mayor of New York City not implementing laws to improve police accountability, and police abusing their power and arresting innocent individuals. Law officers should be punished no matter what their ranking.
KALIEF BROWDER’S CASE Kalief Browder was a young man who spent three years in Rikers island without being convicted of a crime. At the age of sixteen, Kalief was arrested for allegedly stealing a book bag. Within those years in Rikers, two out of the three years, he spend it in solitary confinement. Within those two years in solitary confinement, he attempted to end his
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A private investigator discovered how far the investigators have gotten in order to keep Pedro in Jail. In the article Charges dropped against Pedro Hernandez, as investigation opens into wrongdoing against him,“... evidence that indicates that the victim and witnesses of the shooting from which Hernandez's charges stem indicated that somebody else had carried out the attack. They also told Gomez that the detectives and the assistant district attorney on the case had pressured them to implicate Hernandez.” (Ford, J). Gomez who was a private investigator that the family of Pedro had hired, he discovered that the investigators David Terrell and Daniel Brady in charge of Hernandez’s case, they had used false statements and pressured one of the key witness to lie and place Pedro in the scene of the shooting where another teenager was

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