Treatment Of Women In Film

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All over the world, film industries churn out revenge sagas because of the mass appeal of this genre, since the general psychology of human beings is to mete out justice to the wronged and punishment to the wrongdoer. The process is however lost somewhere between the chaotic rules and regulations and loopholes of power that exit in every society. The end result therefore is the individual attempt to avenge the wronged, becoming a court of law in itself.
Kahaani presents a similar story. It is a revenge tragedy: a wife murders the terrorist who killed her husband; but in spite of it all, she cannot bring back to life her husband or her miscarried child. In a patriarchal society, a woman out to avenge her family either convinces other men to
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Kahaani moves at a fast pace offering many twists and turns. The spectator watch the pursuer becoming the pursued not once but twice – first when Milan Damji considering himself the hunter comes to retrieve some files and finish a helpless pregnant prey but ends up becoming the victim himself, and the next time when the IB and police realized that they had been used while they had assumed that they were smartly utilizing Mrs Bagchi. The fight between Vidya Bagchi(who is actually Mrs Arup Basu) and the hardened criminal Damji would have seemed ludicrous in the film had it not employed the shock technique. Damji fells Vidya with a kick on her abdomen and aims the gun to wipe out the last piece of living evidence, but what happens next stupefies him. He sees the weak woman pulling out a prosthetic abdomen and while he tries to figure out why she would fake a pregnancy, Vidya strikes the gun away from his hand, pulls out her hair pin and thrusts it first into his left foot and then his neck, almost like Goddess Durga spearing the Asura. The image of the hair pin recurs again and again throughout the film. Vidya gives it to Rana to unlock the door of the old NDC office and also Milan's deserted residence. She searches …show more content…
The packet was left to him by Vidya, who chose to write Satyaki on it though she had throughout the film called him Rana. When she heard his good name for the first time, she remarked that he was “Arjun's charioteer” and Rana actually accompanied her and drove her around most of the time in the film. In a way, therefore, Vidya is Arjun; or more properly Brihannala, an Arjun in disguise. If Arjun had disguised himself as Brihannala, Vidya disguises herself as a mother. In a reversal of roles, in Kahaani, the men have to bow down before Vidya. The police (Rana, because of his guilt consciousness), the IB (Khan pleads with her to access Shridhar's computer) and even the terrorist (Milan Damji) accept defeat before the movie ends. However, Vidya's supreme adversary in this film is not Milan Damji, but Bob Biswas (a chilling performance has been given by Saswata Chatterjee). And while Milan is killed by Vidya, Bob dies in an accident before Vidya can punish

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