Juveniles Should Not Be Tried As Adults Essay

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The first nation’s juvenile court was established in Cook County, Illinois. One of the first judge at the nation’s juvenile court, judge Julian Mack stated the goal for the early juvenile court would be that “The child… be made to know that he is face to face with the power of the state, and more emphatically, be made to feel that he is the object of its care and solicitude,” (Pa, Rt.). Although many people in the United States believe that juveniles should not be tried as adults it is more appropriate to teach juveniles a lesson because no one knows what their instincts are, and it can be a threat to society because they will always have that negative mentality in mind. What solutions are there to these situations, or can there be any resolution to this problem. What procedures can society take to this horrifying case, many juveniles can’t control their anger when they are being punished, there is numerous reason that triggers their anger and they find an outcome with murder instead of seeking for help with their uncontrollable vexation. A majority of the juveniles suffer from mental health, yet it’s not an excuse to not tried youngster with the crime they have committed. However, other critics will not agree because they might say teens are not in control of the action due to mental health.
The juvenile system is meant to treat juveniles differently than adults, reason being is their age and mental capacity. However, in the nineteen century, most youths were being tried…

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