Juvenile Crimes In Locked Away Forever? By Adam Liptak

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Crimes are typically committed by those who can be considered as an adult and know what they are doing at the moment. The result of the crime leads the criminals to having the death penalty or some other kind of punishment. However, once an adolescent commits a severe crime as an adult would, the ruling becomes difficult to decide upon. As a child commits a crime of any level, that child should not be tried as an adult but rather as a juvenile. Even though the juvenile commits such heinous act, others should know that children cannot function their brain properly just yet.
Juveniles at a certain age period where they know what they are doing with their actions, but at the same time not know. In the article, Locked Away Forever? by Adam Liptak,
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Reassuring back to Locked Away Forever? by Adam Liptak, he gives off an example of an adolscent by the name of Joe Sullivan who made poor choices himself. For example, Liptak states, “Joe Sullivan was 13 when he was convicted of sexually assaulting a 72-year-old woman…[he had] already committed a string of petty crimes, [and] was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole” (Liptak). As a minor constantly commits such acts, it becomes normal to them so that they can keep going and commit more severe crimes. Youth should be tried and sent to a detention center just like adults due to their reckless actions that caused a scar on another person’s life. There are several reasons that support the claim of why children should tried as adults. On the website OccupyTheory., they state one reason saying, “Those who believe in the benefits of trying juveniles as adults are firm believers in the fact that a crime is a crime, no matter how old the person is who committed it” (Theory). People do not care whoever committed the crime, it is an act that can no longer be taken back. Juveniles should be treated and tried as adults no matter what they

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