Juveniles Should Not Be Prison Without Parole Essay

1236 Words Apr 21st, 2016 null Page
Today in the United States juveniles are facing many issues like getting into the adult system even though they don 't have the age of an adult. Some of the juveniles don 't commit a severe crime and they get sentences like 30 or more years, most of the time the law is not fair. Sometimes juveniles do not commit a big crime, but they get sentences that are too severe for them; if they get treated as adults they might not achieve their educational goals. The Supreme Court ruled that juveniles who committed murder could not be sentenced to life in prison because it violated the Eighth Amendment’s ban on cruel and unusual punishment. Most of the times teenagers do not think about the consequences for their actions and who might influence them to commit crimes whether social media or peer pressure. Juveniles should not be sentenced as adults and sentenced to life prison without parole because they do not have the ability to be facing certain places like state prison, their mentality is not fully developed. Society thinks that they should be treated as adults, when they do not know their situation, teens might have family problems that is why they commit crimes. Teen offenders are too often treated like adults when they hit the justice system. Most of the cases when juveniles get into prison, they are most likely treated as adults, law might protect them, but they abuse of their power. According to Laurence Steinberg, the former director of the MacArthur Foundation Research…

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