Juveniles Should Be Tried As Adults Essay

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The article raises the issue of whether young murder suspects should be tried as adults, as a result of cases in Massachusetts and how the State is going to handle the issue following the United States Supreme Court ruling that an Alabama law that gave juveniles convicted of murder mandatory life sentences without the possibility of parole was unconstitutional. Massachusetts law had anyone 14 years or older accused of murder be tried as an adult, the article at the time debated the next move the State’s Judicial Court will make.
While the article focuses on severe crime by juveniles, it sparks the broader debate as to whether juveniles should be tried in adult courts at all. This issue is important to me because our criminal justice
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Those in favor of juveniles being as adults may say that it will deter and minimize crimes committed by minors. Research has established that the mind of a juvenile is not as fully developed as that of an adult, no matter how expose they may have been in their development to suggest that they have cognitive abilities of an adult, which is the stand prosecutors like to take with their view that if a juvenile offender is tried as an adult and punished to the full extent of the law, they would probably think twice about committing a crime or violating the law. This is where I think that leaving this decision to the States courts to use their discretion can be …show more content…
Not all juveniles of the same age develop at the same rate. There should be options in the juvenile prisons for reforming them, rather than trial in adult court and sentence in adult prison. While those in favor of juveniles tried as adults say that not doing so will effectively take away a valuable lesson that a juvenile is supposed to learn while serving the terms of his sentence in adult prison, they haven’t thought about the odds of the juvenile becoming worse off due to the environment they will develop in. A better option is available to in a juvenile court where offenders are given curfews, put under house arrest or sent to

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